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Friday Night Not-Music-Video Blogging : HEMI edition

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Not so much now, with the assembly plants in Mexico, but I remember when Union-built Mopars had real live Hemi engines. Apparently I'm not alone in my childhood nostalgia; but somehow, I just don't see something like a Lexus / Camry ever headlining at Barrett-Jackson.

So. For old times sake:

(Idle my grandmother's wall-eyed three-legged cat's left hind foot, but I digress)

and if you monkeyed with 'em a little they got faster and louder:

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Submitted by Nervine5 on

I had a '67 mustang w/o any computer enhancements and it got between 19 to 21 miles per gallon. So why are the 'New' cars all hailed as being better when they achieve on average the same MPG? And my biggest 'Beef' is why do I want a computer driving my car! I've read and heard of 'horror' (or not) stories about people (maybe 'older' people like me) not being in control of their own vehicles. Such as my brother trying to control an icy condition and the 'car' took over(!) and gave him no control.

Maybe, I'm an old timer, but I want a car that isn't driven by a computer. I'd go with the computer stuff if it helped or made sense.