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Friday Night Lo-Fi blogging

From the Department of Greatest First Lines...

No, the 80s weren't all bad. And it seems like Bryan Ferry's coming back up on the charts.

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Submitted by Anna Granfors on

I *knew* that random mention of Byron Ferrari would bear fruit! :)

(that's one of the alt. names the NME useta gleefully bestow on him, btw.)

for those who even care about this stuff, apparently there's a Roxy Music 2-DVD extravaganza in the works (and already available in the UK).

I still love just looking at this band in their original glam configuration--baby Brian Eno in puffy silvery jacket, Ferry with an impossible quiff and leopardskin...and then there's the added bonus of the musical brilliance of "Virginia Plain".

...appearing in my Random 10 isn't exactly an indicator of popularity. But yeah, there does seem to be growing appreciation for Roxy Music, which makes me happy.

And that first-album gatefold picture really is a classic.