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Friday Cat Blogging: How many people can you fit into a phone booth? Edition

How many cats can fit into one bathroom cabinet?

During my absence from the intertoobz, one of the things I did was move the entire tribe from a small apartment to a small house. I'm thrilled, the dog is thrilled, but some weeks later, the cats are issuing only mixed reviews.

They've been living in the bathroom until they show signs of [mostly] adjusting to the move, which thank Goddess seems to be happening finally. So far, the maximum number of cats I've seen crowding themselves into the cabinet under the sink is 10, but these days only 4 or 5 of them routinely hide out there:

The others, meanwhile, are ready to expand their horizons and make themselves at home.

Littlest Cat has discovered the window:

And Biggest Cat [hereinafter to be known as Tank] has, appropriately enough, taken over the top of the toilet tank:

I've divided the house into cat-full and cat-free zones, and of course the bathroom is not directly connected to the cats-allowed zone, so I can't just open the bathroom door and let them out. About half of them can be picked up and carried around like normal cats, but I expect to spend the rest of the weekend capturing and transporting the Under The Sink Gang.

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Submitted by twig on

after she was adopted from the shelter. Not a happy cat for that week, but eventually, her curiosity kicked in and she never went back into the cupboard again.

snowball in her new home

Your kitties are beautiful, Hipp! Hope they settle in soon.

Submitted by hipparchia on

and what an adorable face.

the kitties may or may not settle in in good time, but i think they're going to like their new digs - it's a vast improvement over the old place.

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Submitted by Bryan on

Put some empty boxes in the cat zone [Yeah, that will really work ;) ] for them to hide in while they decide if this is just a plot to do them in.

It will take weeks, and be prepared for marking behavior as they claim territory.

Submitted by hipparchia on

yep, i've already been to the liquor store... oh, and yeah i did remember to pick up some [ok, many] empty boxes while i was there too.

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Submitted by Valley Girl on

So, the bathroom is not directly connected to the cat allowed zone, but there are cat allowed zones. So, I'm trying to picture the set up. I can see eventually having the cat free and the cat allowed zones, but maybe at first they need to be allowed freedom to check out the whole place, so see what's up. And, be given treats for settling in to the cat allowed zone. Cats really love sniffing around, so they might be confused by the discontinuity between the bathroom and the cat allowed zones.

Submitted by hipparchia on

if i only had one or two cats, maybe three, i'd consider allowing them the whole house, but we're talking large pack of hooligans here.

the original house is tiny, ~70ish years old, with wood floors - no way can i keep an eye on 11 peeing hooligans to protect the floors from them.

but that's ok, somebody came along in later years and added a humongous florida room [fake wood floor!] and a good-sized covered screened porch off of that. there's a door between the florida room [lots of floor-to-ceiling windows!] and the rest of the house [i'll be keeping that closed, thus ensuring the cat-free zone stays cat-free]. additionally, there's a pet door from the florida room to one corner of the backyard, and i'm planning to make that corner into an outdoor cat run.

once i get them moved, they're never coming back to the bathroom [or the rest of the house] unless i need to isolate somebody while they're recovering from illness or something.

the dog and i will be moving back and forth between the florida room and the rest of the house [i always kept them out of the bedroom in the old place, so this won't be a new experience either] and it's going to drive the cats nuts when i close the door in their faces, but overall, i think they'll like the new arrangement.

Submitted by ohio on

Scully, one of our two old cats, wandered the house meowing all night when we moved in. A plaintive, tear out your heart meow. She's a very serious creature who rarely meows at all so this was horrible.

Now she and the other cat, Howie, love the place.

The floor is heated, so there's lot sof flopping. And they like to thunderpaw down the middle of the house and make a racket. And there's a lot to do, including watching the feral cats, including B.B.

BB little

She's probably not even nine pounds and she follows me when I'm doing stuff outside. She comes when I call and east out of my hand. I've never petted her, though I'd like to because she's very fluffy. Her brother is named Stormy and he lets the fab GF pet him.

Stormy owns the front door. B.B. owns the back door, though Stormy will play through the glass with Howie.

Boxes, toys, and just getting on with ordinary things seemed to help our two oldersters settle. And then they realized they like the joint.

Congrats the new home, dear hipparchia. May you and your furry family find much joys in your new place.

(And in the answer is 42. Duh.)

Submitted by hipparchia on

bb looks like marshmallow cat, one of the 2 older cats that the dog and i adopted back in the day. marshmallow cat and the dog became best friends for life within 30 minutes of their first meeting, but i didn't see curmudgeon cat for the first 4 months that he lived with us, in spite of the fact that we all lived in a one-room garage apartment at the time.

and heated floors! please adopt me! i love our new place, but alas, it does not have heated floors, something i have wanted for ever.

(And in the answer is 42. Duh.)

::slaps forehead:: well, duh, i knew that! how could i forget that? back to the liquor store....

Submitted by ohio on

Obviously. You did buy vodka, didn't you? (Actually, I have switched to Tanquerary martinis. Yummy.)

Scully is also gray and white, but she has no tail. When she sleeps, she puts her arm over her nose because she has no tail. Our first two cats were also grey and white like B.B. But the ultimate cat among cats was our brown tabby, Emily. Emily loved my dog Sam. Loved her. And there was a heap of cute when the two of them would play or sleep or do the fifty million other cute things they did.

Howie liked out dog Judy but Judy was properly humble and shy around cats. While he would rub his head on her chest, they were never pals like Sam and Emily.

Funny, isn't it, how such small furry critters can have such a profound effect on your life. Anyway, they will settle and be happy in their room. A little time, a lot of food, some boxes and cat jungle gyms and they will be as happy as pie.

You do have pie to go with the vodka, right? Right?

(The fab GF made four pies, so our pie ratio is 2:1, which is another key number one should know in life. My oldest sister had a 7:4 pie-to-person ratio due to a major miscommunication, which is a respectable ratio. My neighbor had a 1:4 ratio, which is tragic and to be pitied.)

I will personally flop gracefully on the heated floor in your honor as a housewarming gift. If you hear a thump followed by swear words, do not be concerned.

Submitted by hipparchia on

You do have pie to go with the vodka, right? Right?

well, i did have pie, but i ate the last of it for breakfast this morning. and i love your housewarming present! i'll be listening for a thump and some choice swear words....