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Friday Cat Blogging

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Bryan's picture
Submitted by Bryan on

Apparently a mackerel rather than classic, i.e. side stripes vs swirls.

Submitted by hipparchia on

[which also happens to be one of her very favorite foods]

nice? her markings are gorgeous, but otherwise, this is the one i was considering naming lucrezia.

Submitted by hipparchia on

and some of her stripes fade to spots, making me think of tabletop snow leopards whenever she deigns to come out and join the rest of us. she's three years old now, but about only 5-6 months in that photo.

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Submitted by Sarah on

good for you. Buffalo Kitty (my friend Kymba, whose pictures are in earlier posts, but whose advancing age and pudginess made self-grooming difficult and whose temperament made brushing her a bloodletting proposition, so
she now has a lion cut that does not include her ruff or tail) looks a bit like
a tabletop lion, these days.