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Freedom does not equate to democracy


"Not long after the start of the 21st Century, we like to tell ourselves an uplifting story in which freedom expands whenever tyranny is overthrown.

We believe that freedom and democracy are inseparable, so that when a dictator is toppled the result is not only a more accountable type of government but also greater liberty throughout society. "

Obviously, such a point of view is fallacious as can be easily evidenced just by looking at the results of such a perspective in the actions of nations. And what's sad is that the meme is NOT one that those in positions of power actually believe.

"An older generation of thinkers recognised that freedom and democracy don't always go hand in hand. The 19th Century liberal John Stuart Mill was a life-long campaigner for greater democracy, but he also worried that personal liberty would shrink once governments could claim to express the will of the majority."

And don't we see that now right here in the so called "bastion of democracy"?

"Bertrand Russell warned democracy did not always mean more freedom

Where this older generation differed from many today is that they thought of freedom as a lack of restriction on how we can act. Being free meant simply the absence of obstacles to living as we choose. While it's a view that's been criticised because it seems to see individuals as being separate from society, it seems to me to capture better than any other what freedom means and why it's important for every human being. "

So it seems to me as well but I'm a OFDH. And that view got crushed real well when Nixon got elected.

"Once you think of freedom as living as you choose, you'll see that it's not just tyrants that stand in its way. The world is full of failed and enfeebled states in which the main threats to freedom come from organised crime, ethnic conflict and militant sectarian groups. "

Reported everyday in the media.

"In the reassuring story we like to repeat to ourselves, the emergence of these new threats is just a phase - in time these countries will achieve the type of freedom-loving democracy that we believe we enjoy. But we can say this only because we've forgotten our own history and neglect the dangers we currently face. "

And this is especially true in the U.S. where the effort by those in power is to continue the ignorance (and dumb it down even further if possible), manipulate minds to value things over reason, and rewrite history to support the reality they wish to promote.

All of the above quotes are from this article titled "A Point Of View: The trouble with freedom".

Long ago I did a dissertation for an English Lit class where I made a case that the only place where one can really be free is in one's own mind; took a lot of flack for having such a pov but years have passed more quickly than I could ever anticipate and I still think such is accurate. And that achieving such freedom -what others have called the silence of the mind where thought does not intrude- in one's own mind is the hardest task there is in the whole of one's life.

And then one confronts the end lines of "Nights in White Satin" by the Moody Blues:
"Cold hearted orb
That rules the night
Removes the colours
From our sight
Red is gray and
Yellow white
But we decide
Which is right
Which is an Illusion"

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