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Free speech protesters dancing w/out music arrested at Jefferson Memorial--Updated

Well, dancing? No music? Yes, it was planned but...WTF?

Adam Kokesh, an RT television host of Aam vs The Man, was also arrested when police broke up the flash mob gathering called to celebrate free speech. Heh.

DCBlogger, were you there? Next one is June 4th.

(RT television is viewed by MCMers as a propaganda arm of the Russians and a pain in the arse, if it's noticed by people. Heard it discussed on a program about cyber warfare on NPR. Voice of America, good; RT, bad.)

Update: A similar protest in 2008 resulted in one woman being arrested and a judge agreed that dancing was out of place at the memoria. From the first linkl:

In 2008 a small flash mob had gathered at the memorial to dance in silence, but was dispersed when one woman was arrested on misdemeanor charges. A year later, stemming from that case,a judge affirmed a ban on dancing at the memorial, "in order to maintain an atmosphere of calm, tranquility, and reverence."