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Franks Steals Money Meant for Wounded Soldiers

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From the Dept. of "Lambert Can't be Cynical Enough," comes this blood boiling reminder that Republicans are Scum of the very first order. There just isn't invective strong enough for this:

Retired Army Gen. Tommy Franks was paid $100,000 - out of donations made to wounded veterans - for allowing his name to be used on fundraising appeals by a charity that has come under increasing scrutiny for the way it handles its money.
Lawmakers questioned the ethics of the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes Foundation not only for using donors’ money to pay Franks, but for failing to disclose to potential donors who received the mail solicitations that Franks was paid for his endorsement.
… ”If we disclose, we’d be out of business,” [president Roger] Chapin said.
“Your words are wonderful, because if the public knew, they wouldn’t donate,” said Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn.
Chapin acknowledged that his organization has used inflated numbers in its mailings when describing what percentage of donations actually helps veterans.
While some mailings have stated that 92 percent or even 100 percent of donations have gone to veterans, the real figure is closer to 25 percent, according to a congressional study.

I think that soon, we'll find ourselves needing to come up with a new word, one that describes "domestic post-battlefield fragging." Franks better not go into any VFW halls anytime soon. This was in "Military Times," so word is going to get out. Asshole.

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That Chapin dude is seriously horrifying, of the raise-hair-on-the-neck, or "what's that white foamy stuff around that dog's mouth anyway, and why is he walking so this direction?" sort. No hope of ever getting him to see that he's doing anything wrong, but we can raise hell to get Franks to give that blood money to something worthwhile anyway.

Oddly enough in my blog roundup today (at a terrific site called Daily Chronicles of the American Civil War I find these two entries, both from this very date, Jan. 23, albeit from 1864:

From the diary of Gideon Welles, US Secretary of the Navy:

The trial of Stover, a contractor, by court martial at Philadelphia has come to a close. He is found guilty on three charges and is fined $5000, and is to suffer one year’s imprisonment in such prison as the Secretary of the Navy may select. It is, in my opinion, a proper punishment for a dishonest man, but the law is in some of its features of a questionable character. Likely it will be tested, for Stover has money, obtained by fraudulent means from the government. I have deliberated over the subject and come to the conclusion to approve the proceedings, and send Stover to Fort Lafayette instead of a penitentiary. Captain Latimer writes that Stover has left Philadelphia and gone to New York. I have therefore written to Admiral Paulding to arrest and send him to Fort L. The President concurs.

And on the other side of the Rappahannock we have "The Rebel War Clerk" John Beauchamp Jones, lamenting along similar lines:

The Secretary of War has authorized Mr. Boute, President of the Chatham Railroad, to exchange tobacco through the enemy’s lines for bacon. And in the West he has given authority to exchange cotton with the enemy for meat. It is supposed certain men in high position in Washington, as well as the military authorities, wink at this traffic, and share its profits. I hope we may get bacon, without strychnine.

Congress has passed a bill prohibiting, under severe penalties, the traffic in Federal money. But neither the currency bill, the tax bill, nor the repeal of the exemption act has been effected yet, and the existence of the present Congress shortly expires. A permanent government is a cumbersome one.

Jones' solution may sound familiar to many of us:

The weather is fine, and I am spading up my little garden.

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Well, Franks IS a veteran, so if all the money goes to him then 100% goes to veterans so they were telling the truth. Kind of.