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Frank Luntz is amazed that veteran is "articulate"

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Amid countless inanities in this week's "Real Time with Bill Maher," including gross misrepresentations by the host and perennial guest Andrew Sullivan about what's at stake with the FISA legislation, was a statement by slimeball pollster Frank Luntz that would have been career suicide... if it had been uttered by a progressive.

The so-called "language expert" offered this smarmy "Vets Say the Darnedest Things 'compliment'" to Iraq War veterans' advocate Paul Rieckhoff:

If all the military were like you -- you are, you are articulate, you are smart, and you are a tribute to your service and to your country.

Over the obligatory applause that attended this condescending rap, Reickhoff avowed "A lot of the military is like me, they are smarter than the people we're working for."

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Submitted by intranets on

I hope that goes on his tombstone.

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Submitted by crystal dawn on

to speak his nonsense and barely calls him on it.

I'm all for having these guys on the show, but Bill Maher needs to step it up! After Frank filled our wittle heads with endless predictions and why we will vote a certain way....finally at one point, Rieckhoff says (something like): "Guys like you, are not and Zogby, and guys who gets paid a lot of money to forecast.. not a lot of deliverable strength."

Starts around 1:25.

In which Frank took back his compliment.

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Submitted by vastleft on

Frank is banging the drum for Obama, so what's not to like?

Also, while I gather this was supposed to be a joke, but still: Luntz's saying that he wore out the pause button on his VCR when watching Ned Beatty get raped while being forced to squeal like a pig in "Deliverance" -- that was another comment I'm surprised went by without a fuss.

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Submitted by crystal dawn on

And "why" is Frank banging the drum for Obama? I don't trust him any further than I can throw his fat ass.