If you have "no place to go," come here!

Fortunately, the New York Public Library administrators have been prevented from destroying it research mission

Unlike the bufffoons at Cooper Union. So this is good news.

Sometimes, the good guys win!

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Wait! What?

In New York Public Library's New Plan, the Stacks Stay...Empty -
Scholars, preservationists and community activists are celebrating the New York Public Library's decision this week to preserve, rather than demolish, the century-old book stacks in its flagship Fifth Avenue building.

But one part of the library's new plan has left people scratching their heads: The stacks won't hold any books.

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... because of climate control (HVAC) issues. Presumably we don't want the books to rot, or however books go bad. (And IIRC -- too lazy too look it up -- not all the books got shipped to NJ; some remain at the NYPL).

I'm assuming this isn't some scam by the administrators, though.