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For the techies: Why OpenID should not be RealID


I mean, unless you want the IRS knowing your book purchasing habits, or your corporation's HR department knowing what dating sites you visit.

And don't think they won't check.

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Submitted by intranets on

OpenID is akin to a username/password. It allows you to buy things online more easily and not have to register a million logins across the internet.

Now the concept of attaching OpenID to real world person and/or banking info is the issue here. The problem would be when the State issues you an ID card, and then requires it for voting, driving, travel, purchases, etc.

I don't think there is a big risk of OpenID being used for purchasing habits. I mean, they already can do that. It's called ChoicePoint. They already do know your browsing history and email contents. It's called Telecom Immunity and domestic spying.

The real risks I see is when any of these national / internet formats become required to travel, etc.

Submitted by lambert on

As you say:

Now the concept of attaching OpenID to real world person

But check out the link; that's what some are working on.

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