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For real geeks, you can type in a whole search from the URL box in your browser

E.g., this is a search: obamacare

Go to that URL and the search page comes up, in the usual way, with the search already performed, and then you can click on the search links in the sidebar to filter the search in the usual way.

I'm not sure how useful this is, but who knows? Maybe it will save somebody a bit of time, and if you do the same search over and over again, you can bookmark it.

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Submitted by lambert on

to shield users from syntax like 'foo OR bar" and it defaults to OR in the queries it constructs internally.

I believe you can put a + in fromt of required strongs, so "+foo +bar" would be logically equivalent to "foo AND bar."

Haven't tried it though. I tend to refine through facets after the intitial search/