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For Ho Lieberman, Republican, a call to obey the law is a dirty trick



A group whose members describe themselves as peace activists asked Sharon Ferrucci, Democratic registrar of voters in New Haven, to remove Lieberman from the party, arguing that he cannot be a Democrat while running under another party's banner.

Lieberman campaign manager Sherry Brown branded the effort "dirty political tricks at its worst."

Wow, he said/she said "balanced journalism" at it's finest. But we look in vain for what we, as citizens, would need to be truly informed--The law itself. Is it in the story? No. Did the editor add it? No. So, for real coverage, we need to go to the blogosphere. Here's the statute. Check it out:

Sec. 9-61. Prima facie evidence supporting discretionary erasure or exclusion. Enrollment in any other political party or organization [for example, Connecticut for Lieberman], active affiliation with any other political party or organization, knowingly being a candidate at any primary or caucus of any other party or political organization, or being a candidate for office under the designation of another party or organization [ditto], within a period of two years prior to the date of the notice as provided in section 9-60 shall be prima facie evidence that any elector [=voter] committing any such act is not affiliated with, or in good faith a member of, and does not intend to support the principles or candidates of the party upon the enrollment list of which his name appears or in which his application for enrollment is pending; and, upon reasonable proof of the commission of any one of such acts, the name of any such elector may be stricken or excluded from such list and such erasure or exclusion shall be effective for a period of two years from the date of any such act.

(Via MyDD, which has been absolutely on fire lately.)

Look, all we want is for Lieberman to obey the rules.

There are ethical rules--Like, when you lose a Democratic primary, you support the winner, if you want to stay a Democrat. (Just like Howard Dean supported John Kerry, for example.)

And then there are legal rules--and as you see above, if Lieberman claims he's a Democrat, he's breaking them. Because, surprise, forming your own organization and running against a Democrat means your not a Democrat. How hard is this to understand?

Lieberman really is a Republican. He thinks he's entitled to his office, forever. He thinks the rules don't apply to him. And when we confront him with the facts and the law, and call Bushit on him, he whines.

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