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Food security vs. food sovereignty

Raj Patel in Food Freedom:

What does it mean to be free from hunger? Food security is the idea that governments use to talk about citizens not being hungry, and it means that you have access to enough food to live healthily. Sounds like a good definition, except for when you realize that it’s possible to be food secure, say, in prison. You’ve got access, after all, so you’re not going hungry. But food security never talks about power in the food system—just your access to food. Food sovereignty is like food security, except that under food sovereignty, communities actually get to shape their own food policy and shape the terms under which everyone gets to eat.

"Food security" is then completely compatible with Big Ag and its contaminated food chain, driven by the needs for rent extraction. Food sovereignty is not.

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My little toehold on food sovereignty is my power to make my own bread.

Food sovereignty takes time sovereignty, and time is what the wage slave lacks above all. These massive workweeks and tiny short vacations we have in the U.S. are perfect for keeping our imaginations, our involvements, our non-paid work as ineffective as can be.