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Food bank cook book

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2 small white potatoes
3 slices of chicken
1 can chicken noodle soup

Part of the challenge of living off of charity is learning how to create meals out of happenstance groceries.

Take 2 of the potatoes that were included in your monthly food bag, slice them into thin slices and place in casserole, add salt and pepper. Take 3 slices of the deli sliced chicken you were given and tear them into pieces and place around the sliced potatoes. Add a can of chicken noodle soup and a can of water. (If you are cooking on a stove or hot plate, you should probably add more water.) Put in oven at 350 degrees and bake for one hour.

This makes a surprisingly filling meal for one.

Sadly, in the times we are living in, food bank cooking will be quite the thing.

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