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How Are Recess Appointments Like Filibusters?

By David Swanson

Answer: They get around the pesky will of the majority of the American people.

Here's a lovely post from the DailyKos praising the president of the AFL-CIO for encouraging the president of the United States to appoint officials during a recess in order to get around the Senate. Read more about How Are Recess Appointments Like Filibusters?

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Tony Blair Forced to Testify on War Crimes

By David Swanson

Former prime minister Tony Blair's testimony was streamed live at 4:30 a.m. ET at the Iraq Inquiry website and on other sites, such as the UK newspaper the Telegraph which allowed viewers to rank Blair's responses on a "Lie Meter". Telegraph readers' top desired questions pre-hearing were: Read more about Tony Blair Forced to Testify on War Crimes

Rachel Maddow, Making a Difference

The Chicago Tribune TELEVISION section features a brief profile of MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. It begins:

Maddow slips in ratings but not in her resolve
By Yvonne Villarreal | Tribune Newspapers
April 22, 2009

The first 100 days of a new presidential administration are known as the honeymoon because it marks a time of friendly relations between the new chief executive and the media. But for MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show," the early days of the Obama administration have meant an unwelcome drop in ratings.

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A Star-Studded Evening

red carpet

The stars of the blogosphere were out Saturday night, shining bright from the Griffith Park area of Los Angeles where they gathered to do what bloggers do best: yap incessantly about politics. And about themselves. And other stuff they think about.

The Scene: the MJS household, a beautifully restored 1920's one-story mssion-style stucco building surrounded by succulent plants and filled with fluffy animals. Read more about A Star-Studded Evening

Mixology question

By a happy coincidence, the SOTU and Drinking Liberally both fall on a Tuesday.

So, I thought I'd swing by and, to honor the latest Oration from His Royal Lieness, induce the bartender to make a frothing wingnut for me (recipe by Shystee).

But I have some questions:

1. Is it normal/courteous to hand a bartender a recipe, and ask him to make it? Read more about Mixology question

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How to Make a Frothing Wingnut

Other than by challenging their assumptions, that is.


- 1 oz. Frangelico Hazel Nut Liqueur (because they're Right Wing Nuts, after all)

- 1 whole ripe banana (because they're bananas)

- 3/4 of a small (8 oz.?) can of Cream of Coconut (because they're lazy coconuts who want other people to do the work and the dying for them) Read more about How to Make a Frothing Wingnut

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The Julep Post

top_mint_julepIn honor of the venerable Kentucky Derby, I offer you Mint Julep Blogging Friday, and a little something to go with--a story on making the perfect julep, and a recipe for it as well. First, the recipe:

2 cups granulated sugar
2 cups water (branch water is ideal)
Fresh Mint
Crushed Ice
Kentucky bourbon (2 ounces per serving)

Make a simple mint syrup by boiling sugar and water together for 5 minutes; cool. (This recipe makes enough syrup for 44 juleps.) Place in a covered container with 6 or 8 bruised mint sprigs. Refrigerate overnight.
Make a julep by filling a julep cup or glass with crushed ice well-packed into the cup, then adding 1 tablespoon of mint syrup and 2 ounces of bourbon. Stir rapidly with a spoon to frost outside of cup or glass. Garnish with a fresh mint sprig and a straw cut short enough so that you almost bury your nose in the mint as you sip.

And now, the story, from a 1937 letter at the Buckner Family website: Read more about The Julep Post

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