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I've tried really, really hard to be a logical and rational as I can be, assessing 911 conspiracy materials. Truthfully, I hardly look at them at all anymore, where I'll confess that for a couple years after that day, I read quite a lot. I don't have an opinion about most of them, because none of them really rose to the level of "I need to know everything about this" in my mind. The horrors that came afterwards, the war etc., took up most of my attention.

This video is a tad shocking. Scroll forward to 14:40, and read the non denial denial from the head of the BBC.

Then look at this video from the same site. BBC and CNN making the same "mistake?"

I had mostly written off what I'd come to think of as the "collapse people" because their harping never really made much sense to me. This is altogether different. These could be doctored videos, photoshopped or whatever, one always has to keep the salt shaker handy when looking at videos on the Intertubes. But if they are authentic, they are very spooky to look at. The fact that there are two seperate news agencies reporting the same unfact gives a lot of substance to this layer of the foil.

Please let me know (with links) if this has been debunked.

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I was in NYC on 9/11. Nobody knew what the hell was happening. Towards the end of the day, rumors were flying everywhere, and I remember hearing that 7 had gone down, that the report that it had was incorrect and it was standing, that One Liberty Plaza had gone down (it hadn't and didn't).

As a longtime New Yorker who knew the skyline as well as I probably could, I might have viewed that footage at the time and had absolutely no idea myself that 7WTC still stood even if it was staring me in the face.

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the rumor mill has spawned 1000 theories, and it's important to know which ones reflect people's experiences and which ones are total imagination.

i find it odd that this particular rumor reached to newsrooms. that's the path i want to follow- why did they report this one, and not others?

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Just curious.

I remember hearing this awhile back about both CNN and the BBC, but I hadn't encountered the video until recently. It is curious that it's been banned on the American Google website. You have to go to Google Canada to get it.

Let's try an attempt at troll prophylactic: I've heard all the debunking before. I'm unimpressed by the debunkers attempts at explanation and evidence. I also saw the hole at the Pentagon. I don't argue for or against any theory. I do follow the money, however, and believe it, Somebody made off with fortunes that day.

I think of thermite, UAVs, disinformation, and false flags. No, I don't know what really happened. But, I have an idea.

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