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Flying blind

The World's Greatest Newspaper (not!) lies about Florida 2000 in its review of Recount. Quelle surprise! Go read Charles. We really are flying blind, aren't we?

I can't think of a single media outlet that I trust or even, any more, read regularly. (I quit cold right after NH, when it became clear how much they hated the very idea that Hillary would win and were actively seeking to prevent it.) Heck, we've got people refusing even to create opportunities for reporting, like Rasmussen stopping polling for Hillary, doubtless as part of the effort to suppress the popular vote.

And as for our tribunes of the people in the blogosphere, where 90% of the comments sections have been Astro-Turfed by Axelrod anyhow ....

Then again, I'm saying "blind" like that's a bad thing.

But when you're creating your own reality, this so-called "seeing" only gets in the way and causes confusion....

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Submitted by orionATL on

as i have commented before,

the united states, without strong media who are committed to describing reality for what it is,

ia a blind cyclops.

and so we are.

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Another classic of the genre:

Now that Senator Barack Obama has an insurmountable lead in the number of delegates, it is the specter of Florida in 2000 that lends a strand of sustainability to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s defiant challenge to her party’s rules committee to include Florida and Michigan in the delegate tally.

I'd take the trouble to deconstruct this but my hands are tired, and the amount of typing required to call out and rebutt all of the errors and lies in just this one paragraph will give me cramps. There are more falsehoods here than individual words; quite an accomplishment.

Alessandra Stanley. Why, God in Heaven, is this woman allowed near a keyboard, much less given any space in a newspaper? She would be over her head reporting yesterday's weather for a neighborhood shopper. I'd write another blast at this walking error dispensor but what would be the point, plus others have already done the job. Go and weep.

Before she was given the task of providing a constant stream of errors about television, she was - I kid you not - the NYT Bureau Chief in Rome and Co-Chief of the Times' Moscow Bureau. Figure the accuracy of anything that came out of either one of them while she was there was not worth the ink to print it.

Oh, and she's BFF with MoDo. I'm sure they're very comfortable in each other's company. Dumb and Dumber, but doing it in high heels and backwards.

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Journalism old-timers find campaign coverage disturbing --

"... "Pretend journalists," he calls them — people who use the revolving door "from politics into journalism without any training" and have little or no sense of journalism ethics or professionalism.

"To call it journalism," he says, "is a disgrace." ...

"You're not going to have a beer with him. ... He's going to set government policy that will affect your life." ..."