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These recipes have no political content of which I am aware, and by Gum I am not going to strain my brain to come up with one on a flippin' Friday night. Although I am quite sure anyone who was awake on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning could think of one particular Flipper to whom some snark could be applied without great difficulty.

A reader (in my other life) wrote in, saying he had just acquired a Flip mug and needed recipes with which to fill it. He's a good guy so I don't have the heart to tell him you technically need two flip mugs, glasses, pitchers or other vessels to compose the drink properly. The classic Flip-type drink is known as a Blue Blazer, but that (requiring as it does that the liquor be set on fire and then be poured back and forth, preferably across a distance as far apart as the hands can be held, and in a darkened room for greatest effect) are a tad hazardous and it would trouble my conscience to encourage anybody to make them in these litigious times.


One quart of ale
One gill [1/2 c.] old rum
Four raw fresh eggs
Four ounces of moist sugar
One teaspoonful of grated nutmeg (or ginger)

Heat the ale in a saucepan; beat up the eggs and sugar, add the nutmeg and rum, and put it all in a pitcher. When the ale is near to a boil, put it in another pitcher, pour it very gradually in the pitcher containing the eggs, etc., stirring all the whle very briskly to prevent the eggs from curdling, then pour the ocntents of the two pitchers from one to the other until the mixture is as smooth as cream.


One teaspoonful powdered sugar
One wineglass of brandy
One-half wineglass of water
One fresh egg
Two lumps of ice.

Dissolve the sugar in the water, add the brandy, egg and ice, shake up thoroughly, strain into a small bar glass. Serve with a little nutmeg on top.

From The Bon Vivant's Companion, or, How To Mix Drinks by "Professor" Jerry Thomas, 1864 (from a 1927 reprint edition.)

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