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Flexian Web Update: DeBlasio to be Sworn in by W. Clinton

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... With Hilary in tow. Not a surprise, since deBlasio has worked diligently for both Clintons. But this is how the Flexians maintain continuity and control of important political and economic nodes in our Upwards Redistribution Nation. One big happy Flexian Family, which does not include us except as units of rent extraction.


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Submitted by Alexa on

that De Blasio "bull sh**ed" his way into office by "pretending to be a liberal."

Anyone that knew his history (which I'm sure you would, RG) would have to figure that he is basically a centrist or corporatist Dem.

(Seems like I read that he headed FS Clinton's NY Senatorial--or maybe just NY City--campaign. I think it was the state campaign.).

Same with getting Terry McAullife installed as Virginia's governor--talk about an extension of a Clinton campaign for cryin' out loud.

Yes, these "Flexians" do stick together. And I've got to hand it to them--it pays off for them!