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Flexian watch: The CIA uses the Amazon Cloud

FCW (the business of Federal Technology):

Gus Hunt, former technology head at the CIA, has been named to Stateless Networks' board of advisors.

As CTO, Hunt was instrumental in the CIA's move to Amazon's AWS cloud platform, as well as piloting network virtualization and software-defined networking products, according to a statement by Stateless Networks.

"Gus played a key role in bringing the most innovative technologies, including Amazon's public cloud deployment, to the CIA," Stateless Networks CEO Kelly Wanser, said. "He understands first-hand how the cloud has evolved and is shaping the future of networking."

Stateless Networks is planning to leverage Hunt's expertise in cloud networking on its Stateless Network Director product, among others.

How cozy.

I suppose this is old news, but it's new to me. The entanglement of "government" and "business" continues apace (though as Gramsci teaches us, "state" and "civil society" is a distinction, an abstraction for the purposes of study only, as Flexians (and now hall) show us.

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