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Flexian Looting Report: DeBlasio is Bloomberg After All

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I have the impression that the time lag between campaign promises and post-election betrayals is getting shorter. De Blasio appointed Stop/Frisk Inventor Bratton about 32 seconds after he was elected. Now De Blasio appoints a Goldman Sachs executive as Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development -- a position that is the power node of how econonomic (dis)(in)equality is orchestrated in New York City, largely with respect to land and housing. It's a certain Alicia Glen, head of Goldman Sachs's Urban Investment Group -- who has already been [from her Goldman Sachs perch] "Public Private Partneshipping" with "ex" Mayor Bloomberg all along, "helping fund much of the uneven development that has priced out many New Yorkers from neighborhoods across the city." City Hall - Goldman Sachs revolving door moment! And spot the Flexians!

NOTE. So now, instead of just 12 years of Mike Bloomberg's engrafting of Goldman Sachs' looting claws into New York City, we get continuity for at least another 4 years, courtesy of Bill deBlasio. I wonder why he even bothered to appoint her Deputy Mayor -- I mean, it's not like her job description is going to change any whether she's on the GS "side" or the City Hall "side." There's no "sides" -- no "public side" and no "private side" -- there's no "partnership" -- it's just another deal set up by the Neo Liberal elite (and its elected lackeys) to ensure that tax dollars and public assets continue to be syphoned to the .01%. Calling these things "partnerships" is a little like that awful word "conversation" that we're hearing more and more. Thanks, Bill deBlasio -- and bonus points for showing your hand so fast but just late enough that we couldn't vote for somebody else or just not vote.

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It is truly depressing.

IMHO, from now on--ANYTIME we hear that any politician is a "liberal"--we should run for the hills!

Just like Bill Bradley and Howard Dean--sure!

I'm almost to the point that I believe that one should assume JUST THE OPPOSITE of what any of the corporatist mainstream media so-called reporters say--especially regarding any Democratic Party candidates.

They are SO complicit in hoodwinking so many Dem constituents. I feel certain that they must be paid handsomely for their efforts.

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Fascinating. Alicia Glen has been twirling through the revolving door of City Hall - Goldman Sachs since Dinkins, for whom she was a junior aide when he was Borough President (1985-1989) and then Mayor (1990-1993). She then was "assistant commissioner for housing finance at the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development from 1998 to 2002" -- HPD is one of the primary vehicles through which Public-Private-Partnerships (I.e., City giveaways to Wall Street and Private Equity) are accomplished with respect to land and development and housing.) This background leads the article's author to say about Ms. Glen that she has "a background in public service" -- for some definition of "public." It seems her entire career has been structured around the City Tax Money - Wall Street system.

That is continuity in government. And longevity -- if she began with the City when Dinkins was borough president, that's 1985, so Glen has been in the NYC government-funded economic development biz for nearly thirty (30) years, remaining a constant through seven (8) mayoral terms, five (5) mayors (Koch, Dinkins, Giuliani, Bloomberg and now DeBlasio), with the last 12 years from her perch on the Goldman Sachs side of the Public Private Partnership with City Hall.

Funny, I'd swear I'd never heard her name before and yet she seems to have played (and will continue to play) such a significant role in determining how City money and assets (including land and housing) are allocated in this purported Democratic City.

DeBlasio made another Christmas Eve nomination: his Chief of Staff will be Laura Santucci, executive director of his transition and (shocker) "acting executive director of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Prior to the DNC, she served as a special assistant in the White House.

When you start looking at Flexian Networks things do come into focus and are less fragmented: here the web is a pretty small one, when the dots are telescoped: DNC-Clintons-DeBlasio-Goldman Sachs-Bloomberg-Giuliani-Koch-Dinkins.

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I think you have to look at who their campaign advisers are. De Blasio's advisors were mostly veterans of the Clinton administration. Obama's advisors were all from the Hamilton project and acolytes of Robert Rubin.

I never had much hope for MacAuliffe. I am not sure many people did. He was a lesser evil. Obama and De Blasio truly tricked people in to supporting them.