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FLDS' "Thug Willie": Girl's Lawyer Trying to Blame Me

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"because her client doesn't like her."
A grand jury in Schleicher County is hearing evidence regarding adult members -- and possible further sexual misconduct charges against Warren Jeffs -- of the YFZ "Ranch." Cult mouthpiece "Thug Willie" Jessop told reporters today the lawyer for a 16-year-old girl "spiritually sealed" to an older man in the FLDS, a Dallas attorney working pro bono, was mislaying the blame for her client's intransigence. The lawyer sought a restraining order to keep Jessop away from the minor, alleging he intimidated her. The girl has avoided service of a subpoena to appear before the Schleicher County grand jury.
The Nastiness in the Name of God continues.

Yet again, misogyny -- under the banner of heaven's blessing on a patriarchal, child-hating, anti-woman 'traditional society' -- rears its ugly head, and is applauded.

George Carlin was right.
Religion is the most damaging con ever perpetrated.

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Income from the business will be shared among the mothers, some of whom have not returned to the Texas ranch, even though their children have been released from state custody. Legal counsel advised many mothers not to go home until CPS completes its investigation of families, and some now face unfamiliar financial hurdles.

"Now they are renting homes and apartments and have to figure out how to pay for that," said Cynthia Martinez, a spokeswoman for Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, which represents 48 mothers.

Jessop calls the FLDS clothing "washable, durable and children-proof," and said the conservative style preference is based on religious scriptural references. Some cult experts have alleged the prairie-style dress is an outward sign of brainwashing within the sect, but members defend it as a reflection of their values.