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Five stages of collapse

Sunny Dmitry:

While Dmitry's top level analysis is great, it's the details (from his experience with how people dealt with the economic/political/social collapse of the Soviet Union) on how Americans will cope with daily life after a collapse, that are the most entertaining/sobering.  In a nutshell, life in a US Banana Republic means:  we're going to grow lots of our own food, make our own energy, and buy most our products at flea markets.

Here's his presentation:  The Five Stages of Collapse Here's a quick summary:

  1. Financial Collapse. Already in motion.
  2. Commercial Collapse. Just started.
  3. Political Collapse (a loss of faith in the political process). First part is over (the recent election in the US [What, 2008?]). Second part is going to be nasty.
  4. Social Collapse. Potentially the end state or stable equilibrium point for most of the world. Everyone against everyone with points awarded by the global marketplace.
  5. Cultural Collapse. Full meltdown. Global market breaks.

    Well, maybe. It's not clear to me how the "global marketplace" awards the points, when surely it's as vulnerable to collapse as everything else, if not more so.

    Nevertheless, Orlov lived through the collapse of the other petroleum-dependent, militarized, rent-driven, corrupt, and institutionally sclerotic empire, so I suppose he must be considered something of an expert...

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    Submitted by jumpjet on

    What the hell are we going to do if the Western world goes down the tubes? All that political, military, and economic capital going completely bonkers could be incredibly ugly for everyone on Earth, even if the developing world picks up the slack. Hell, the US still has the ability to take most of the rest of the world with them if they go under.

    History rhymes, but it does not repeat. Any change at any point in the progression can result in a different outcome. I do not believe that past is prologue, and I will not be enslaved by prognostications based on events that have already happened.

    Submitted by lambert on

    However, I do find it free-ing to think that the situation is more fluid than we think it might be!

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    Submitted by jumpjet on

    I don't like viewing the increasingly mounting evidence that the United States is headed towards total collapse. But I know that I need to see it, and face it, so that I might know how to adapt what I do in response. So I'm not fond of these posts, but I'm not fond of exercise either- and I engage in both because they'll help me in the long run. In the short run, too, depending on how fast things move here in the US.

    Submitted by Elliott Lake on

    ..too much attraction to violence and militant stuff. Orlov is more about making the future work pleasantly where possible, those folks seem to be reveling in the uglier possibilities, from the links. We already have one Jensen, that is more than sufficient IMHO. But then I am a farmer and not a cubicle warrior or gun-show philosopher.