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FITH watch: Kurtz almost does the right thing but can't resist edition

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Now that reluctant media critic Howard Kurtz has returned from the long weekend, he's crawling through the lekkage.

He marvels at the assassination-gate feeding frenzy, citing some of the relevant debunkings.

Still, like all Villagers, he can't keep from feeding the beast a little, making Hillary ultimately responsible for starting the fire, even if he considers the four-alarm response disproportional.

Surely it was a clumsy and insensitive thing for Hillary to have noted, in explaining that past presidential primaries have dragged on through June, that Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June of 1968. Clearly it was a mistake made by a tired candidate.

He adds:

So the coverage, in retrospect, seems "over the top," as NBC's Chuck Todd put it yesterday. But such is the danger of making pseudo-news on the cusp of Memorial Day weekend, when nothing else is going on.

Who made that news? And who and what were endangered? When Howard and company give due consideration to that, this shit might not happen anymore.

Hillary didn't make a "gaffe." She used the obvious and conventional word to describe an indelible moment. It's only a gaffe if you accept that the media (and her rival's camp) are fully justified in acting like a bunch of Heathers who can mark you for life when you use a taboo word from their ad hoc imaginary list.

You know how lowered expectations work, though. We're surely supposed to be grateful for the relatively generous application of "gaffe," as opposed to, say, "death threat" or "clarion call to copycat killers," as so many have intimated.

So, I guess, we should be pretty happy with "gaffe," given that some outlets are calling it a quip, as in "Hey, have you heard the one about the guy who won the 1968 Democratic Primary in California...?"

But I'm not. Of course, I'm not a professional journalist, with the high standards and all.

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