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FITH watch: Erm edition

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Given that, beyond any doubt whatsoever, Hillary Clinton Uttered the Most Dangerous and Hurtful Comment Ever Made, one that could crush the spirit of a nation and inspire race-based political murders....

Was it a particularly good idea for the MSM and the Obama camp to take that statement, which was uttered in an obscure newsroom, and make it the Nightmare Invoked 'Round the World?

That was out loud, guys. Very, very out loud.

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Submitted by jawbone on

apparently watching herself bound and placed on some railroad tracks... No, it doesn't make sense. I mean, two Hillarys? Hillary with a death wish? What the hell are they trying to say here? Other than incipient violence and death....

The one things coming through loud and clear is abuse and, well, death of a woman. This particular woman. A sitting US senator, former First Lady, and contender for the Democratic presidential nomination.

What is wrong with these people????

Forgot: IOKIYAAMCMer (It's OK If You Are An MCMer). Call for all the violence imaginable against the SB.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Melissa over at Shakesville, who says they are implying she is the engine of her own destruction.

On a related note, John Kerry was not treated this badly, and these WATB's were calling foul left and right in 2004. They can't spare a little outrage for Clinton?

In 2004 a lot of Blogger Boiz would have given their left...(sock? how family friendly are we at the MCB?) to have a candidate this immune to media frenzies(though I am beginning to fear that this latest may be what they will call a Dean Scream). They completely ignore it instead. It is Bizarro World.

Bill Clinton for First Dude!!!

Submitted by cg.eye on

by Kornbluth, about the world devolving into a land-bound society of hate (fundamentalist, woman-hating, violent) and a ocean-bound series of convoys of the refugees.

The tipping point began when a smut peddler named Merdeka sold SM photos to NY magazines, and kept selling them until he purified his approach to create DEATH Magazine.

His biggest selling photo, just before he created his empire, was of a leather-clad woman bound and gagged, and her tormentor, holding the whip above her. She played both parts.

I thought there would be enough time to adapt Shark Ship into a play, because we'd have enough time without tyranny or misogyny to get it seen. Too late, now....

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Submitted by BDBlue on

Interesting interview with Diane Sawyer (who practically begs him to reassure her that there won't be any more investigations of the Bush Administration and that Obama will be the nominee). He mentions several times how much the South Dakota stuff has "set back" the process of unifying the party. I wonder how pissed Hillary is about it and whether it may make it more likely she fights to the convention (something I still don't see happening):