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FITH watch: Conservative with Kennedy nostalgia WTF Edition

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Stephan Andrew Brodhead at The Conservative Voice:

Hillary making reference to the RFK assassination was not a 'slip of the tongue '! It was planned. The Clintons are much to savvy to make that kind of mistake. The purpose of this error is an attempt to associate present day Democratic Socialism with the wholesome reputation of the Robert Kennedy platform and the 1968 Democratic presidential campaign. It was an attempt to harness Kennedy nostalgia once again. Another supporting premise is the 'Woodstock Memorial'. Let's all regain the nostalgia of the 1960s and vote Democratic. Lets all forget that it was a democratically controlled House, Senate and LBJ executive that passed Medicare/Medicaid, and eliminated the John F Kennedy 2 percent tax cut. Let's all believe that the 'Tax and Spend party' is the right choice this time. Let's resurrect the 89th Congress. Let's make the 111th congress the most liberal tax and spend catastrophe of all time.

In this case, however, Hillary Clinton is the Tax and Spend Great Socialist Society LBJ/Billy clone.

Barrack Hussein Obama is also a Tax and Spend Great Socialist Society wannabe.

Barrack Hussein Obama is no Robert Kennedy either.

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