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FITH watch: Australian Edition

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Geoff Elliott, Washington correspondent for The Australian, might want to consider taking the FITH self-diagnostic:

HILLARY Clinton has lost it. Her gaffe at the weekend that seemed to imply she's staying in the race because her rival Barack Obama might be assassinated is one of the bigger blunders ever witnessed in a US presidential campaign.


How many nutjobs in the US, wrestling their demons, now might actually think Clinton was talking to them when referencing the Kennedy assassination, perhaps believing she was sending them a message and finding in them some kind of endorsement?


She has started complaining about sexism. Her surrogates are insulted that vendors are selling "Hillary nutcrackers" (at you can see her stainless steel legs in action.) Rather than Clinton and her supporters embracing the image - does it really do it any harm; surely the contrary - it's reckoned to be sexism.

Imagine Margaret Thatcher whingeing about that.
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...would have heard that purported "message" if the media and the Obama campaign and his supporters hadn't invented it and made it the top news story across the country for days?