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FITH watch

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Huffington Post is still huffing and posting about Hillary Clinton's scandalous reference to "June," a racially charged trigger word inexorably linked to the Cleaver family.

Yale professor David Bromwich's huffy post today is so suffused with FITH Syndrome that an excerpt simply could not do it justice.

But here's something you can do for justice...

Please send me ( [substituting an @ sign for the ###s]) links to the most egregious examples of "Hillary Hinckley" finger-wagging you can find.

IMHO, this was the most disturbing and hysterical episode of 72-hours hate that I have ever seen, and it should be commemorated.

Also, people deserve to find out if they're completely fucked in the head. They're so often the last to know.

Keith Olbermann's Joe-McCarthy-on-Gatorade rant is going to be hard to top. What've you got, Correntians?

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Submitted by koshembos on

Bill and Hillary Clinton went to Yale. They both are great advertisement for the school. David Bromvich is not. The guy clearly suffer from a acute case of FITH. But then he is not alone. It's well known that the currents of Fascism engulf people caught in them causing either death or insanity. David seems to be alive, but it may be an automaton the creates such impression.

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I just asked the blog to please remove me from their day alerts.

Everyone who supports Hillary should do the same.

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Submitted by Davidson on

If Obama truly has it in the bag, why the hell doesn't his campaign put a stop to this bullshit or, at least, publicly condemn it? All it does is piss of (many) Clinton voters and provide the GOP with even more ammunition to use against Obama in the fall, especially since his camp has been exposed as having pushed the Olbermann rant while claiming to want to "move beyond" this non-scandal.

I keep trying to understand the rationale behind this and I just don't get it. If the goal is simply to take over the Party, this nonsense will still hurt them because the entire Obama Brand is built on the promise of "change you can believe in." Even a Wall Street creation still needs the peasants to find it credible or it won't work.

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Submitted by willyjsimmons on


STEPHANOPOULOS (continuing directly): Senator Obama did say that we should move on. You say you're not trying to stir the issue up. But a member of your press staff yesterday was sending around to an entire press list, I have the e-mail here. Keith Olbermann's searing commentary against Hillary Clinton. So that is stirring this up, isn't it?

Now...which a-listers also got this email?

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Submitted by DCblogger on

Now…which a-listers also got this email?

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Submitted by amberglow on

of show so far, and i think he's not even done yet.

(what's he gonna do when he finally succeeds in driving Hillary and Bill out of the spotlight?)

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Submitted by amberglow on

this time, at least Joan Walsh pushed back hard on him and some radio guy.

ugh...the bulk of his show today was Hillary wanting to assassinate Obama--still!

no quotes, but i'll post the transcript tom'w....

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Submitted by amberglow on -- A new low in Clinton bashing

"... For several months I've found myself bothered by a double standard in both the behavior and the media coverage of the Obama campaign, as supposedly representing a new kind of clean, post-partisan politics, by contrast with the dirty old win-at-any-cost Clintons. Hardball Obama campaign tactics -- David Axelrod partly blaming Clinton for Benazir Bhutto's death; the intimidation of Clinton voters by a pro-Obama union in Nevada (to be fair, some Obama supporters claimed intimidation by Clinton forces, too); the campaign's infamous South Carolina race memo (prepared before Bill Clinton made his dumb Jesse Jackson remark); the multiple "Harry and Louise" mailers distorting Clinton's healthcare proposal; not to mention ties between Obama, Axelrod and the Exelon Corp., even as Obama is touting his lobbyist-free campaign. Nothing seems to stick to Obama; he's Teflon. ..."

(a really excellent piece)

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Submitted by amberglow on

this is perfect! -- the flip of Hinckley...

on Obama’s Auschwitz lying —
“I think he is hinting that Hillary should be put in a concentration camp.”

absolutely perfect!

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Submitted by vastleft on

Keith Olbermann, granted no friend of Senator Clinton’s, went on a tirade about everything he considers her mistakes in this campaign. It’s, without further comment, tough beyond measure. (Update: On Saturday morning, the Obama campaign also sent reporters a transcript of this commentary.)

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Submitted by dotcommodity on

I am afraid we simply cannot meet your challenge, vastleft.

The truth is now not merely stranger than fiction, its even stranger than science fiction.