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"Fiscal responsibility" I can get behind


Most of the savings will be realized from winding down the war in Iraq [with some portion taken out for winding up the war in Afghanistan] as well as increased revenue from Americans making more than $250,000 a year, said the official. The Times said Obama will propose letting President George W. Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy lapse in 2010.

It's a start, though after the fiasco on executive compensation, we'll need to see detail.

Now, how about not just getting out of Iraq and into the graveyard of empires in Afghanistan, but getting rid of the empire entirely? It's wrong, and we can't afford it anyhow.

And when we're done undoing the damage Bush did to the tax code, how about rolling things back to, say, before Reagan? You know, when we actually had a middle class?

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Yeah, he really doesn't have a choice but to let them expire given how much we've just spent.

BTW, check your email, Lambert.

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I see that a couple of posters at TL, after your single payer comment, are more worried about the unemployment rate in the health insurance industry than adequate and affordable health care.

Isn't the health care industry already in deep doo-doo because they decided to get in on the fast action on Wall Street?

These guys already screwed their own employees. Why don't we concentrate on what's better for the majority? I guess those who work for the insurance industry will have to find new jobs, just like others have had to.

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It's veered off into chiropractic?

And RL calls, so I can't straighten it out. Still, I guess some discussion is better than no discussion.

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criticism of DO's any time now.

The poor "mainstream" medical profession is fighting tooth and nail. I've already read comments elsewhere that complain about a loss of income.

Some of them are quite an altruistic bunch of slimeballs.

God forbid we face them across or on the table.

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was based on this morning's read. I see the debate has continued over there.