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"Fiscal responsibility" summit: Non-amendable, non-filibusterable legislation that will cut Social Security and Medicare

Are you shitting me? First, two trillion to the banksters, now this? Anybody seeing a pattern here?

Like, say, cause and effect?

NOTE Good thing your 401(k) is holding up, though! All those fees and rollovers were really worth the time and money! Not.

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Submitted by geneo on

Didn't see this coming.

Hoping it's a trial balloon, but I agree with the commenter over there who said we need to get in front of this.

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Submitted by pie on

At the moment, discussions are focused on whether to name a special panel to make the difficult decisions that would be required to right the nation's finances.

How about special panels that need to make Wall Street accountable?

I sense a total meltdown if they negatively mess with these programs.

Total. Meltdown.

Submitted by jawbone on

crowed about the "fiscal responsibility" (SocSec Set Up) Summit, with Jim Cooper saying they had someone they could work with in Obama. He's made ambiguous comments throughout the presidential primaries and general elections. Also courted Repubs....

And Dean Baker's been writing about the SocSec Obama problem. Lambert linked to an earlier Baker post.

Lambert noted that Atrios was preparing to be really upset if Obama decided to cut SocSec benefits:

The Left, including yours truly, will create an epic 360 degree shitstorm if Obama and the Dems decide that cutting Social Security benefits is a good idea.

And Krugman brought attention to Obama's going after SocSec in the early stages of the Dem primary. It was a reason some people felt he was not the right choice for the Dem nomination.

And Josh Marshall? Mr. SocSec, aka Fighter Against Repubs and BushBoy's Bamboozlement on All Things SocSec? He's been laying low on this.

As the teletubbies are wont to say, "Uh oh."

Lots were saying "uh oh" for quite awhile, all along hoping, hoping, hoping Obama would come to his senses, that someone would help him see the error of such thinking, that he would realize now is not a good time to undermine the pubic's confidence in SocSec (which doesn't need "fixing" for decades -- but it is there for the tempting...).

Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh. Cubed.

Pray FSM I am wrong.

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Submitted by geneo on

That irony is dead. I should have said: "hoocoodanode?"

I didn't know J.M. had been laying low on this. I stopped reading him quite some time ago.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

and talk about the absurdity of undue praise (10% better, based on conjecture).

For those who couldn't see the "entitlement" frame as dangerous, what can you say? For those who ignored the Harry and Louise and focused only on the evilness of McCain/Palin rather than pushing Obama when it could have helped, what can you say? I don't know. We kinda did this to ourselves, even though some of us were arguing against "tepid" support before concessions by Obama were made.

In truth, it's less name calling as an argument than ridiculing even if that critique is lost on some. Perhaps, I should be more civil but I'm so low on patience these days.

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Submitted by vastleft on

are the funds they've been waiting for.

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Submitted by cal1942 on

told the Obama worshippers that they were exceedingly naive. Many of us were alarmed when Obama brought up Social Security when the debate had been put to rest after the 2005 attack. Many of us pointed to the Roberts nomination as a telling tale of the real Obama.

You all told us we were stupid, that we weren't intellectually capable of understanding his sacred message.

So this is the Change he was talking about.

Thanks Obama worshippers you've helped trash the nation. Chumps.

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Submitted by Damon on

Someone (can't remember who) have us a heads up on this either a few days ago or a few weeks ago.

Anyone notice who's at the center of this? Judd Gregg. New Hampshire seems to have chosen one half of its two part motto "Live Free or Die". I'll let you decide which one it was.

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Submitted by TreeHugger on

is anyone surprised? Obama was telegraphing his intent to "reform" the so-called entitlement programs (who gave us that language?) throughout his campaign. I think it is one reason many retirees, particularly women who are often more dependent on SS, were underwhelmed by him.

To no discernable effect I was warning all my friends he would take a knife to SS, didn't understand the real problems with Medicare because of his unwillingness to look at single payer health care, and would probably make the Great Triangulating Evil One look like a flaming liberal.

And this is just the first month.