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FISA filibuster on!

CSPAN 2. New buzzword: "Liability relief."

FDL; Glenn.

I love the way they say that the telcos "may have" assisted the administration. If they didn't, what are they worried about? If they did, and it was legal, what are they worried about?

Oddly, or not, there don't seem to be any Democrats on the floor. Maybe they're cowering under their desks?

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Obama shows up .. voting now... voted no.


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and here comes Hillary...


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Of course this passes, and Bush trots out on the stage and claims yet another victory on the backs of the spineless Dems (I know, blame the Steny crowd)

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Cloture vote fails, 48 YEA - 45 NAY

Constitution Wins.

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It's good to live to fight another day.

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In a nation where most of the MSM is worthless - on a good day - it is worth noting when somebody on a national megaphone speaks out with the truth. For those who have access to television, Olbermann will do one of his editorial comments tonight, a portion of which follows:

"In a Presidency of hypocrisy, an Administration of exploitation, a labyrinth of leadership, in which every vital fact is a puzzle inside a riddle wrapped in an enigma hidden under a claim of executive privilege supervised by an idiot, this one is surprisingly easy.

"President Bush has put protecting the Telecom giants from the laws ahead of protecting you from the terrorists.

"He has demanded an extension of the FISA law, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, but only an extension that includes retroactive immunity for the Telecoms who helped him spy on us.

"Congress has given him, and he has today signed, a fifteen day extension, which simply kicks the time bomb down the field, and has changed nothing of his insipid rhetoric, in which he portrays the Democrats as 'soft on terror' and getting in the way of his Superhuman efforts to protect the nation... when, in fact, and with bitter irony, if anybody is 'soft on terror' here it is Mr. Bush."