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First-year analyst dress code

Everything that's wrong with modern finance in one paragraph:

"Wear a good-looking and professional watch, but nothing too nice or you risk having a nicer watch than your boss or client," said a first-year hedge fund analyst. "You'd think this wouldn't be an issue, but you would be amazed how many guys show up on the first day of their internship wearing a $5,[sic]0000 Cartier or Montblanc watch."

Interns? Where'd they get the money? Daddy?

Nice work if you can get it!

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their signing bonus. And the warning is not to spend your initial money on showy status items - you have to earn the right to wear showy status items. New money becomes old money in maybe a year? at a hedge firm. Then you can rub it in anyone's face with the crudest of them. You wouldn't want to be gauche.