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"First-world problems"

Teh awesome:

“We sat on the tarmac with the AC off and no Wi-Fi for 20 minutes after boarding the plane.”

“You can order a pizza from your computer but you still have to get up to answer the door.”

Just... Ouch. More and more.

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It implies that you can't complain about your lot in life if you live in a purportedly first-world country; it belittles the very real problems of poverty, homelessness, hunger, and unemployment that are wracking the United States and the nations of Europe.

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Submitted by Valley Girl on

Not looking for a fight, but Lambert does have a particularly well- attuned sense of irony.

JJ, I didn't read the post the same way you did.

Lambert can say yeah or nay, but my take was that Lambert was highlighting ludicrous complaints, in light of the broader and truer and more dismal reality in the US.

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But, Lambert, you're not complaining about pizza delivery, or being stranded on the tarmac.

Obviously I am out of my depth here.

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JJ, I think Lambert has supported your view in comments to me above.

Getting down to the dismal facts that you also noted. Which do not fall into the category of "irony". More like tragedy.