If you have "no place to go," come here!

First thing we do...

... let's kill all the lawyers:

The recession has driven an increasing number of California lawyers to cheat and steal, say State Bar officials, who expect to discipline or expel hundreds of them in coming month

The State Bar is investigating more than 300 California lawyers involved in loan-modification rip-offs. Typically, homeowners facing foreclosure complain that they paid attorneys who then did nothing to help them keep their homes.

The loss to the public from loan-modification cases is in the millions of dollars, State Bar officials say. Most of the attorneys under investigation are from Southern California, but many of the victims live in the central San Joaquin Valley, enticed by loan-modification companies that advertised on the Internet.

There hasn't been anything good about Obama's loan modification program at all, has there?

NOTE I love McClatchy's headline:

Recession drives more California lawyers to cheat, steal

Savor that "more"....

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