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Even insurance underwriters are for single payer!

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First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you ....

Prospect of single-payer system makes them want to 'Shout'

Summer is typically time off for the Ohio Association of Health Underwriters, but the movement toward health care reform has the group and its members working overtime.

The Ohio association is following the advice of the National Association of Health Underwriters in joining what they’re calling Operation Shout. The initiative encourages members to contact lawmakers via e-mail, letters and phone to urge them to oppose any efforts to form a national, single-payer system for health care, said Ken Statz, legislative chairman for the Ohio Association of Health Underwriters.

It is a good sign, it means they are taking us seriously. All these people will keep their jobs, they will simply underwrite different kinds of insurance.

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The associations, he said, prefer a public-private partnership for insuring Americans because if Americans were allowed to buy into a Medicare-type system of health care coverage, the private insurance market would be forced to fund the expenses that did not get reimbursed by the government system.

yep. that's how it works in civilized countries.