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First, do harm!

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IOZ, who elsewhere says one of the truly nicest things ever said about this blog ("authentically not a gaggle of fuckers and sellouts") makes a disturbingly perfect point:

If, as the New Yuk Times tells us, a "nationwide shortage of several widely used anesthetics . . . has been exasperating doctors and veterinarians for months," then it certainly says nothing flattering about the American psycho psyche that the shortage didn't make the front page until it fucking got in the way of fucking killing people. Oh, good, okay, so now it's serious.
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"fuckers and sellouts" omFSM.

although for the record i do approve of fucking. and saying Fuck!

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yes, this is happening. a lot. drugs are "slowing down" and not in the good way we use the word slow here. i work with a lot of drugs, which is to say i manage the consumption of needed ones, and many, for elderly people in my care. it's on purpose, and particularly Evil and corporate. "shortages" are another way of "we don't care about this market so much" and only people who pay top dollar get them promptly. there's no "shortage" just the effect of hypershort term prioritizing in corporate amurka. bottom line next quarter is all that matters. /repeat 1000/. who cares if sick people die? fuck yeah!