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First Amendment Protection Fund - WI Solidarity Sing Along

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Support Citizens Standing Up for First & Fourth Amendment Rights at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

All donations are used to defray the direct legal costs of participants in the Wisconsin Solidarity Sing Along (jury fees, serving subpoenas, printing transcripts, court filing fees, etc.).


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Frustrated by their inability to break us, Walker's appointees are really escalating.Typical overreach response to a dilemma action.
Among other things, now they're arresting people observing and photographing the Sing Along, not just participants.

A few links:
Wisconsin lawmaker Sondy Pope threatened with arrest at Capitol for observing Solidarity Sing Along
"Pope said she didn't say anything to the Capitol Police officer who threatened her with arrest, but she did leave her spot by the banister. 'As a legislator I swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States. I think what [the police] are doing is unconstitutional. How can you arrest me for observing?'
'I have a duty to observe what is happening to my constituents who are expressing their discontent,' Pope added. 'How can I be arrested for that?'"

Spectator Warned With Arrest For Watching People Sing In WI Capitol

Photographing is "participation" and will result in arrest today.

Almost Arrested Getting Video of Arrest, Wisconsin State Capitol

Capitol Cop Throws Videographer to the Ground

But, I'm not with them!

Walker's appointees (who run the Capitol Police and Department of Administration) are trying to instill fear - and it's not working.
Do we look afraid?