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The First 10 Days

Yes, Obama's First 10 Days are over. Best First 10 Days by an American President?

Or Best First 10 Days EVAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

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Submitted by jawbone on

several reports--and Bob Schieffer on CBS just said it's bcz Obama wants to make his cabinet more "diverse." (Oh, and Dem gov will probably appoint a Repub as replacement, to honor the vote of the people for Gregg.... This is a nightmare, right? It'll stop when I wake up? Right?)

So Commerce will get a senator who voted against the SCHIP bill and doesn't support the stimulus bill, so far.

Go figure.

*hits--pun intended.

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Submitted by pie on

not named Bush.

jawbone, there goes the filibuster-proof majority, or not. I think they can get a few republicans to cross over. Or should I say, I hope they can.

Submitted by jawbone on

Coleman has Ben Ginsburg as one of his attorneys, working to string out the MN
indecision as long a possible.

Ginsburg always reminded me of a malevolent Snoopy in his sort of vulture pose. He was all over cable TV during the Clinton impeachment. Ugh.

Yesterday I checked out a MN paper's blog about the trial, and the writer said it could go on for weeks.

Submitted by jawbone on

mention of a Democratic filibuster? When Repubs threatened to retaliate with the "nuclear option"? When Liberman and those, what, 13 other senators formed a group to prevent the sin of Dems filibustering?

Well, this afternoon, the NPR ATC reporter asked Grassley whether 60 votes were actually needed to pass anything in the Senate; Grassley said yes, except for special types of votes; and the NPR reporter never even brought up the dreaded "F' word. How times change when Repubs are out of power....

Now, if the Repubs regain the Senate I bet that changes real quick like a bunny.

Submitted by jawbone on

Bless Think Progress, which has a transcription and some other Repub senators' comments indicating they will filibuster.

And, of course, Sen. Ben Nelson was a founding member of the Group of Fourteen, which agreed to prevent any Dem filibusters against Bush judicial nominees (iirc); not a word of disapproval.

The following quotes are from CNN (Sessions, Kyle, Inhofe):

...a number of senators are working with Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-AZ) to coordinate opposition to the package, and as CNS News reports today, “a filibuster is a possible part of that plan“:

“I think its going to take 60 votes to pass the bill,” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) told, indicating the likelihood of a filibuster.

“Whatever we can do, whether offering amendments, whether voting against the bill because it could not be amended, or whatever parliamentary possibilities are in front of us we will explore because this isn’t about playing the game,” Sen. Kyl told when asked whether he would filibuster the bill or encourage his colleagues to do so. […]

“I would be a part of it,” Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) said when asked him if he personally would participate in a filibuster.

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Submitted by Sarah on

as part of that filibuster-proof majority?

Hey! Somebody! Kay Bailey Hutchison wants to be Governor, instead of Senator. Y'all help her out!!!
(Hey, Somebody! Anybody! Can you appoint Senator Box (post) Turtle to something where he can't hurt us in DC? I dunno, Dept. of Homeland Security, maybe?)

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Submitted by gizzardboy on

I don't understand all the procedural ins and outs of it, but I wonder why not let the Repugs filibuster? Make sure that a bill doesn't have weak parts that can be dwelled upon, and them let them actually talk and talk and talk and drag their feet holding up a popular measure. Make it obvious to even the most obtuse that they are a party of obstructionists going against a movement that that most Americans favor. I would think that the Dems could get organized enough to wear down the opposition. I would think that actually having to filibuster would be a lot more difficult to sustain that just depriving the majority of a 60 vote majority. I'm pretty sick and tired of the Dems saying "Well we didn't get our 60 votes so let's go on to the next thing".