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First 100 Days Grade - It's all the rage!

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Nearly every media outlet has had their say on Obama's first 100 days in office. Now it's Correntewire's turn.

How do you grade our star pupil?

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Submitted by okanogen on

Personally I give him a B. Not a B- but closer to that than a B+.

True that the degree of difficulty is exceptionally high, but that also means coming off from Bush, my toe jam looks pretty good by comparison.

Pluses bringing him up from average:

  1. Hillary is looking like a damn fine choice as SOS, and he seems to be giving her support in supporting him and improving America's image in the world. This is A+ work on his part.
  2. Releasing the torture memos. More of this please.
  3. He's not GWB, and he's not John McCain. That ain't nothin'.
  4. His performance in Europe was admirable.
  5. Nothing has blown up in Iraq/Afghanistan. Yet.

Minuses bringing his grade back down:

  1. Geithner, and Obama's coddling of banksters.
  2. Summers.
  3. His responses to GM and Chryslers troubles are not encouraging. Buying into the basically anti-union argument (too expensive).
  4. Only 2 (3?) detainees released from Guantanamo.
  5. Fumbling around on torture and illegal wiretap investigations (a gimme if there ever was one).
  6. Health care obstruction/lack of leadership.
  7. He seems to be fumbling around with no clear domestic agenda. Reacting rather than acting. Probably a 'function' of the post-partisan schtick is that nothing gets accomplished. A feature, not a bug.
  8. He looked pretty damn weak in his response to Israel's horrific Gaza excursion. (I/P! Yikes!)
  9. Geithner. (So bad he has to be on this list twice).

These are what come to mind.

Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on

IMHO he gets a "gentleman's C" -- he's actually been pretty bad, but this was his first 100 days, and it takes a while to get used to stuff.

If we're judging him on a curve, B-. Just because Bush was a solid F doesn't make Obama an A. Obama is no better than Bill Clinton was for his first 100 days, and Clinton had nowhere near the political momentum/capital that Obama had coming into office. Obama had the opportunity to do much better, and has blown it repeatedly.

Submitted by lambert on

Except possibly C- -- I'm not grading on the curve for Bush, either. Bob Herbert writes today:

The financial industry is seen as essential, but millions of American workers are not. They’re expendable.

That hasn't changed from Bush to Obama, and with Geithner doing the Geithner thing, it's even intensified.

We don't give out an A because there aren't any spelling errors and the margins are right!

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Submitted by allys gift on

I'm with Paul and Lambert. Okanogen lists all the right stuff, but I don't see how 9 negatives to 5 positives gets you a B. Also, I would add to the negatives an Education Sec'y who is going with the NCLB/accountability/testing frame rather than scrapping it and the fact that the defense budget isn't decreasing. Also, it's not just the auto industry/anti-union stuff, but that he's not out there stumping for card check as well. I might add to the positives some under the radar stuff that has happened w/ EPA regs and other environmental/consumer safety regs/leg.

But in my book, all this adds up to a "C".

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Submitted by okanogen on

I also like the encouraging developments with Cuba and Venezuala.

I was worried if I don't encourage the star pupil with a good grade, that his parents will storm the classroom, accusing me of being a Hillary dead-ender, determined to punish and destroy Obama because I haven't gotten over the primaries.

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Submitted by oceansandmountains on

I say C-. His willingness to piss all over important constituencies as a governing philosophy makes him more like W, especially after all his holier-than-thou campaigning. His promises to repeal DADT got kicked further down the road by Gates with ZERO comment from Teh One that I could find. His eagerness to announce compromise before any disagreement is noted bodes very very ill for the Overton Window.

The national willingness to set the bar only 0.00001 inches off the ground is the most disturbing outcome of all.

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Submitted by scoutt on

For brand message synchronization with msm.
On the rest I'd assign an "incomplete".

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Submitted by Sarah on

'cause honestly he's obsessed too much and given in too much in the bank/finance industry. It's caused him not to get stuff done in other areas that we needed.

No, it's not a curved grade. Its me saying I want to see him do better, I think there's plenty of room for improvement here. But he could have been SO freaking much WORSE than he has.

Now, for the things I want to see improvement in:

1. Put some teeth in the announced changes -- in health care, in environment and worker safety, in equal pay for equal work, in support for labor over management, in putting people back to work here in the USA.

2. Really shut down the rendition, the detention, the violations of the Geneva Conventions and the Constitution and our own codes of conduct.

3. Let's get off the dime with Medicare for Everybody. The proven savings to employers from that will do magic for the market, even though the current crop of insurance honchos whose specialty is extortion-by-contract won't like the idea.

4. Get on with the green industries already. Windmills and solar panels (and black-painted water tanks mounted in circles of mirrors) will go a long way toward freeing the nation of its dependency on oil (which will go a long way toward finishing off the crippled GOP).

5. Bring us into the 21st century in terms of public services, nationwide. Even Rick Perry has shut up on the secession issue now that there's wildfires and swine flu to think about.



Public Health Clinics


Visiting Nurses

Home health care for the elderly

Street cleaning

Street maintenance
Municipal infrastructure upgrades: do you have any idea how much electricity we waste in old systems that lose power over transmission distances? How about how much water we waste every year with leaky pre-World War II pipe systems?
How about how much pollution we're inflicting on our rivers, lakes, and groundwater because our sewage treatment plants don't, our landfills leak, and we're not doing the maintenance 'cause of the "no new taxes" mania Reagan set loose? Deferred maintenance is code for "neglect."

You want to have a positive effect on childhood obesity? Parks with playground equipment that's safe to use is a step in that direction. Hire some minimum-wage folks to rake up the trash and dispose of it; hire some more minimum-wage folks to wear heavy gloves and sort the trash for recycling. The less we send to the landfill the better off we are, and it saves us the costs and materials of wasted products.

Bring back glass bottles -- and yes, pay a refund on 'em for reuse.

Build wind farms.

Set up solar energy projects -- if you're afraid of the cost or the toxic byproducts from the commonest kind of cells, go for hot-water setups.

That's just a start, guys.