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Firedoglake calls for third party candidates to be at debates

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Can the Presidential Debates Be Saved?

they also have a petition. This is a major milestone for emergent parties.

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paraphrasing Camus 'hope is the neurosis of mankind'. As long as the Dems and Repubs control the 'Commission' thirds parties don't stand a snowballs chance in hell. I guess some good news is that the networks are cutting back their coverage of the conventions.

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the emergent party candidates get invited to the debates, the importance of this is that it indicates a further loosening of the ties between FDL and the Democratic party.

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...of the debates being moderated and/or inflamminated by network airheads. It's been downhill for a long time, but the slope went double black-diamond ever since Bernard Whozits demanded the Michael Dukakis express how pissed he'd be if Kitty were raped. (I just had palpitations imagining Yves Smith and Kevin Gosztola asking the questions.)