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Fire Victims and Firefighter Assistance Website - thanks, MJS

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A site for assistance to the firefighters and victims. Thanks for the suggestion from MJS. If you have any other sites, pls advise.

The California Fire Foundation

A non-profit public benefit organization

“Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.”
-- C.S. Lewis

The California Fire Foundation was created as a way to recognize the courage of firefighters, and the perseverance and sacrifice of fire victims. Formed in 1987 by California Professional Firefighters, the California Fire Foundation’s mandate includes an array of public education and victim assistance projects:

California Firefighters Memorial. Design, build and maintain a memorial to fallen firefighters at the State Capitol in Sacramento. The Foundation is the official recipient organization for proceeds from state license plate and tax check-off funds earmarked for the Memorial.

Firefighter Families. Organize special funds to provide emergency assistance to families of firefighters killed in the line of duty.

Victim Assistance. Provide a resource center to assist victims and families devastated by fire and other major disasters, and organize a special fund to provide emergency assistance to fire victims.

Public Education. Provide information about fire safety and the toxic effect of fires and conduct public outreach and education about fires and fire safety.

The California Fire Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization, operated by California Professional Firefighters, and headquartered in Sacramento, California.




(800) 890-3213


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UPDATE More ideas.--Lambert, via MJS.

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Sounds subversive--prolly some commie front group!

Thanks for posting the link. I'm watching the Lake Arrowhead fire on the telly...the worry now is if the breeze moves to its normal onshore pattern it will push the fires back where they can cause more trouble. A number of backfires have been lit to combat that unpleasant scenario. Onshore breezes are moist and less wild, but could prod a dwindling fire back to the north and east (where they had moved from) allowing the fire to create its own special form of chaos and destruction.

If you don't mind getting some corporate icky mung on your fingers you can find some ideas/ways to help fire victims here.


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Meanwhile: Obama has zip on the fires, and Hillary wants you to ... sign her birthday card.

Pretty damned telling about who among the candidates cares about American jobs, American homes, American lives, isn't it?

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And his speed on this issue is appreciated.


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California wildfires created an electricity "island" of San Diego County on Wednesday as one major power transmission link to the U.S. West grid was shut and the other flickering on and off, said San Diego Gas & Electric Co.

This makes the San Diego area susceptible to major blackouts unless customers conserve power, said Michael Niggli, chief operating officer of SDG&E.

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders implored residents to cut power use.

"You've got to conserve today. You have no choice," Sanders said.

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I'm desticking this post. This story has so many components and players and plot lines--I am sure there will be lots more to come.

The air is nasty in L.A. today. I don't usually get headaches from the smog (I usually give them) but today was particulately(sic) rough.


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Sarah pointed me to KOS for information on help for the transients & homeless living in the various canyons. In the Witch fire area, there would have been quite a few canyon encampments of agricultural workers and day laborers: one estimate was 1500.

"Kyril" over there brought up the homeless in liveblog 15 and especially 17, and joanneleon had a KPBS bulletin in liveblog 28.

The only 2 forms of directed support I could find mention of were:

Border Angels ( is taking what they can out to the estimated 1500 immigrant workers living in canyons in north county.

Alpha Project ( is distributing masks to the homeless. Alpha Project is a San Diego nonprofit that works with homless to "break the cycle".

They're serving almost non-overlapping populations. I'll kick in to Border Angels because their target population was greatly impacted by the fires, because I know of them (from fieldwork along the border), and because I like their politics. YMMV, but my sense is that neither of these populations are going to get anything from Ahnuld, W, or FEMA.

On a sad note, the news this afternoon is that they found 4 dead bodies in Potrero Canyon, either immigrants or locals who got trapped by the harris fire. I'm afraid that there will be more in both the Harris fire and the Witch fire.