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Fine word, "legitimate"!

The Democrats gave Akin $1.5 million to ensure he'd win Missouri's Republican primary. Obviously a smooth move, and money very well spent.

In the context of messaging, though, and thinking about how manipulative the multiple layers of recursive bullshit artistry can be, I'm not sure the outcome of the well-deserved stomping that Akin is about to receive will be what any of us would wish.

UPDATE I mean, here's the reaction from the FT:

The uproar over Mr Akin’s comments was a distraction from the election debate over Medicare, underlining how the healthcare insurance programme for the elderly has become a prime issue in the US presidential campaign.

It's not a distraction at all. It's part of the "War on Women" trope (something the Democrats discovered only as 2012 approached and IMNHSO will forget about immediately after Obama is elected, or even if there's a need to "tack to the center" before he's elected.) "He has to say that."

UPDATE Another trope from the "pro life" fever swamp; nice roundup.

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Submitted by par4 on

"...the increasingly red tint of Missouri". How did red morph from "THE RED SCARE" of communism to being the color of Republicans?Is this another manifestation of how confused and fucked up Americans are about the political spectrum?

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Submitted by Jeff W on

“Is this another manifestation of how confused and fucked up Americans are about the political spectrum?”

is yes.

The longer answer can be found in this 2004 New York Times piece—briefly, the scheme emerged during the 2000 election and its aftermath.

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It's crazy for them to spend any money on the R candidate. Why not spend 1.5M on supporting their own?

Aside from that - if they spend money backing the most odious candidate, hoping to defeat him, and then lose - then Democrats are responsible for delivering even bigger creeps to elected office. How is this good for the country? Call me naive for believing that we should want good candidates from both parties - in the off chance that either of them wins? Rather than the risk of vile backward idiots getting into office? No? Because in reality the Democrats don't give a shit about the consequences of their actions, other than hoping to stay in power. All that baloney about having some sort of platform, principles, or agenda is apparently just complete BS. Help to elect an anti-science, anti-woman, right wing-nut? Oh well, they were just rolling the dice. It's the rest of us who pay for their actions. I've never been more glad to be a registered independent. Unbelievable.

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Step one: Massively fund a conservative Democrat.

Step two: Massively fund a more conservative Republican to oppose her.

Step three: Tell voters There Is No Alternative to conservatism.

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but it really is too hideous for words to send out fundraising letters asking for help in defeating anti-choice Republicans and then use that money to fund one of the biggest creeps out there.

never give a penny to these guys.