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FINALLY: Single payer advocates attract press attention

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Submitted by jawbone on

First they covered the crazies, then all the conservatives, finally single payer. Mention of protestor talking about sister's great care in Canada down there also.

Actually, since most people read headlines, then first couple grafs, often dropping down to last couple grafs, perhaps not bad placement.

It sure wasn't an article actually about just single payer.

Submitted by lambert on

So, yes, getting single payer a mention is good, but the placement of the information is very bad.

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Submitted by Jeff W on

here, regarding the bizarre line "Opponents of the single-payer plan say it would be too expensive or inefficient."

What's with that? It's like "Opponents of the Columbus voyage believe the three ships will topple off the edge of the Earth." Sheesh.

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Submitted by jumpjet on

I was in my father's room as he was watching Fox- Greta van Sustern's show, to be precise. There was a bit about the protests that occurred outside the health care summit, and they went to the trouble of saying and showing that there were protests on the right and the left of the issue.

They interviewed two or three single-payer supporters, and there was even a few seconds of people chanting "Medicare for All!"

So there we go. Fox News showed single-payer supporters. I'm not sure if Hell has frozen over yet.