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Final Pledge Week Update

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Final results: $138 total recurring monthly contributions (new and previous Patrons combined) and $120 in one-time contributions.

Mighty Corrente Thanks to all for sharing your hard-earned dollars. Especially with the looming recession it means a lot.

We didn't reach the goal but there is enough to keep the hamsters going at full speed for another couple of months.

To make up the difference we are looking into advertising and maybe another Pr0n-based pledge drive since that one worked out so well last time.

**Note to recurring donors:

You probably received an email from BlogPatron saying they are shutting down the service. Right in the middle of our pledge drive. Believe me, I cursed loudly and creatively when I read it.

**Please don't cancel your recurring donation just yet. Per the BlogPatron email the service will continue for existing members until their credit card expiration date.

I'm a recurring donor myself so I have some $ riding on this too.

Our plan is to switch to PayPal recurring donations. So once we have that set up we will ask you to cancel your BlogPatron and set up a PayPal recurring donation. I hope we won't lose too many in the transition.

Thanks again for your support.

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Please let us know when you have paypal set up again.

I couldn't contribute because I am out of my faculty job (a good thing!), my university Fucked It Up on paying me the balance of my research salary (but they should have that fixed any week now, yeah right).

Tomorrow I should get official word of a job offer from the most popular agency in the US government. And in a place with a 3rd dimension, 4 very good breweries, a food co-op, and more bike paths & lanes than my current city despite being 1/10th the population.

I'll kick in again then.

ps: yes, you can guess which agency is most popular, but there really is only one correct answer...

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i just wasn't able to squeeze out anything at all, had a bleak December income-wise, but the new year is surprisingly starting up nicely (usually January & February are duds for my biz) so whenever I can, I'll kick something in. You shurashail deserve it.