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Film Sceening: Demand Zero Day – With Satellite Q & A

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Demand Zero Day – With Satellite Q & A

Join audiences across the UK and Ireland for Demand Zero Day: The simultaneous nationwide premiere of the film, Countdown to Zero on 21st June at 18:30.

Countdown to Zero will open the Global Zero London summit with a Gala screening at BAFTA. High-profile dignitaries, UK parliamentarians, and celebrities will come together to hear a discussion panel starring Her Majesty Queen Noor, Labour Party politician Margaret Beckett, ex-CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson and Oscar-winning producer Lawrence Bender. This discussion panel will be broadcast live via satellite and web-stream to around 60 cinemas nationwide, as well as a similar number of ‘Ambassador’ screenings in non-cinema venues.

The event promises to be one of the most-talked about premieres of the year and marks a big step in the campaign toward the elimination of nuclear weapons. Join the countdown and demand zero.

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