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Film at 11: The Big O punches the hippies

Obama: Democratic voter apathy 'inexcusable':

"[I]f people now want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren't serious in the first place."

Oooh! Infantilization!

Obama's a smart man; in Chicago, where I understand they dabble in politics, it's well understood that if you want my vote, you give me something ("And we get"?). But Obama's not doing that. So we see the comments from [Rahm,] Gibbs, [Axelrod,] and then Biden aren't random: The fish sneers from the head. Madrak's desire to "help us to help you" is misplaced; they don't want her help, and they don't view her as part of "us." For Team Obama, the left, even the mildest left, is a tendency to be feared, shunned, and purged. As Team Obama began in 2008, so they go on to do in 2010. They want the left out of the party, of course, because "the stars are aligned" for Social Security cuts after the election that are much worse than we imagine now, and only the lef might resist that. So anybody who might have a problem with that is being thrown under the bus before they can cause any more trouble. Well done.

NOTE I mean, Bill Clinton says outright that the "apathy" trope is insulting:

The question for him is how to channel that anger in a way which leads to a better outcome. He says, regarding the fundamental economic issues facing the country, "no one is talking about this in ways that people can understand. We just say ‘oh, people are just too mad to think.’ That’s insulting to people. ‘They’re too apathetic to care.’ That’s insulting." Mr Clinton said he thought it was positive that President Obama has done town hall meetings. "You gotta let people get all that out. Legitimize their anger and tell them don’t let it cloud their judgment," Clinton says.

So why does Obama use it? The only answer I can see is that, yes, Obama really does want to be insulting. Why not keep it simple?

UPDATE And then there's this.

UPDATE In comments, Hugh reminds me to give a shout out to Rahm "Fucking Retards" Emmanuel.

UPDATE As BTD remarks, "It's obvious now that this is a concerted strategy."

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Is promising to protect Soc. Sec., an empty promise I'm sure, but it's better than what the Dems are offering, which is a promise to gut it.

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Submitted by JLA on

He wants to be insulting.

He doesn't understand he's being insulting.

He doesn't care that he's being insulting.

He doesn't think about it one way or the other.

Whtever, the "simple" answer surely must include an Us / Them, Elite / Not Elite framing.

Submitted by Hugh on

Barack "Congenitally glass half empty" "Take their ball and go home" Obama
Joe "Stop whining" Biden
Rahm "Fucking retards!" Emanuel
David "I'm not lecturing you" Axelrod
Robert "Professional left" Gibbs

They're pissed. Obama and the Democrats control almost all the organs and groups on the left. Some like dkos, Moveon, Huffpo, and the unions, they virtually own. Others like fdl are being critical in a limited way now that it is safely too late to do much of anything about it. Yet despite this, it isn't translating into votes. You have to wonder what their internal polls are telling them that makes them so rancorous.

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Submitted by Bryan on

I think the White House is having problems grasping the concept that voters "own" the ball, and thus control the "game".

People aren't "going home", they are looking for a new "pitcher", someone who will stop helping the "other team" win.

Susie attempted to explain the difference between apathy and antipathy, but the White House obviously wasn't paying attention.

The Republicans may not be that great at "playing the game". but they understand the importance of "cheer-leading".

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... but this is exactly like 2008. We could never figure out why the gestures of inclusion to the Hillary supporters were so minimalist. "Don't they want us in the party?" we would ask. "Doesn't it make sense to ask for help?" we would ask. "Don't they want the biggest win possible?" we would ask. And, just as now, the answers are "No," "Not to them," and "No."

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Submitted by basement angel on

do what they want. It's leading me to think that their commitment to the D brand is simply tribal rather than based on their philosophical approach to governance. Maybe they really do think it's red team/blue team and that historical accomplishments are only to be proud because a member of your team pulled them off. Maybe they have so little need of what Democrats are elected to do that it's never occurred to them that that's why people elect them.

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Obama ... master manipulator ... lousy statesman, but spin gamesman.

he has gone too far. how profoundly dense is America? we shall soon find out.

Media and political elite boycott real people of conscience. "people of principle" cleansing.