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The fight for S 703 and today's single payer news

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Single Payer Advocates To Help With Sanders’ S703 Amendment and HCR Updates!

Journal Square rally calls for 'Medicare for All'

While the U.S. Senate was holding a rare Saturday session to talk about healthcare reform, about 50 people were attending a rally in Jersey City's Journal Square that called for government-run "Medicare for All.''

Anyone demonstrating for a public option to kick in on 2013? No? Didn't think so.

Dems Already Done In By Buyers' Remorse?

Fuggit. Fuggitaboutit.

Dakota Today

There is one good reason to oppose it and that is not Herseth-Sandlin’s reason, but is that the current proposals are a hodge-podge of bandages on a wasteful system that sucks out something like $395 billion in insurance profits and overhead from actual health care. George McGovern has presented the only real reform of health insurance that makes any sense.

That is "Extend Medicare to every US Citizen”. That is not nearly 2,000 pages of ways to allow private insurers to ration health care with no regard for patients or their doctors, but with full regard for their own profits and incredible executive salaries.

"Medicare for all citizens" is the only idea that makes sense if one ignores the totally deceptive TV ads fussing about government control of health. This is not government control of health nor is it corporate control of health. It is health insurance for all something the US has needed for over 50 years. Herseth and Blue Dog Democrats of Blue Dog crap fame have not presented a real health reform package any better than the secret GOP plan (remember Nixon's secret plan to end the Vietnam War?).

Before You Carve that Turkey: All In for Bernie Sanders

the strategy it is a crashingly stupid one

On Healthcare, There's Nothing Left to Compromise

HCAN and Organizing for America continue the profit-making power of the insurance industry

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