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Field negro on McLurkin



Now let me be clear, I wouldn't have been a fan of Donnie McClurkin if he hadn't made these ignorant ass statements about homosexuality. He lost me when he sang at the Republican Convention in 2004, and when he basically supported the republican agenda in the 04 elections with his bigoted stance on the gay rights issue. Having said that, this whole thing with Obama is bullshit and people just need to chill. I mean what the fuck? So some homophobic preacher who is struggling with his own sexuality endorses him. Does that mean that we paint Obama with the same broad brush? Or play three degrees of separation with every fucking supporter or contributor to his campaign? Of course not. We should do that no more than we would if the Catholic League endorsed him for president. And we all know about those well behaved catholic priests now don't we. No wonder us poor black folks think a black man just can't get a break in A-merry-ca. I mean he runs for president, and they look for all types of bullshit to bring him down with. Of course, if we as black folks weren't so ass backwards when it comes to some of these issues this wouldn't have been a problem in the first place. But sadly, wherever you have hypocrisy you are going to have problems. Black people let's talk: When half of the fucking choir every Sunday morning is just like Reverend Donnie, you have no right to be denouncing any ones personal behavior. You just worry about your own personal salvation and whatever you have to do to get it; and let the big guy upstairs worry about the gay guy singing in the alto section.

Well stated. Bingo?

OTOH, I had no idea McLurkin sang at the 2004 Republican National Convention. If that's the new politics, Obama can keep it.

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Sorry, but you just didn't do it for me tonight, dawg. It was a little pitchy in places, and the self-hatred was off-putting.

Before you watch the white Republican ladies doing their arm rolls in this video might I recommend the ingestion of alcohol or Xanax?

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The problem isn't that McLurkin endorsed Obama, the problem is that Obama attached McLurkin to his campaign. If McLurkin had just endorsed him on his own, it would be different. Obama invited him, and allowed him to emcee the events.

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That noise you hear on your ceiling is the moaning of bears and the whinnying of goats, an archer's arrow zinging into space and the clattering of claws as the Great Crab crawls across the Milky Way. Maybe a cry of pain as the Scorpion's tail strikes? Or knees clacking against each other as they are turned to jelly at the the sound of the Lion's roar? Get a piece of chalk and trace A Circle of Animals upon the ether...

The Big Guy Upstairs? Please. America is ready to grow up, yes? Try knockin' on heaven's door on Halloween: no address, no walkway, no porch and no door. Of course, let us have the good taste to nod our heads solemly as the Wise Ones wear the Cloth and speak matter-of-factly about swamp gas and moonshine.

Black America is America, and cannot hide anymore than anyone else. The schisms groups face are the stories of our lives, the conflicts and the grace. The Church, the heart and soul for so many, produces pleasing shapes along with bitter, bitter fruit. Here's a sermon: let Jesus out of the bonds of Christianity. He has been enslaved for far too long. And let the choir rejoice.


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for our own personal salvation, to the extent that one admits salvation is 1) possible or 2) necessary.
As I said before, I don't personally give a fat rat's ass about it, one way or the other. It wouldn't matter at all, if people kept their faith-crap outta the public sphere...

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