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#Ferguson: Obama emits greatest statement EVAH on "healing." So how about justice?

WaPo's running transcript:

[OBAMA:] Ours is a nation of laws: of citizens who live under them and for the citizens who enforce them. So, to a community in Ferguson that is rightly hurting and looking for answers, let me call once again for us to seek some understanding rather than simply holler at each other. Let’s seek to heal rather than to wound each other.

What a steaming load of crap.

On "let's seek to heal," I'll just repeat for Obama's charm offensive what I said for State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson, because they both use the same "healing" trope:

The answer is not "healing," but justice, exactly as with (say) the foreclosure crisis. We need to see cops held accountable when they whack people, exactly as we need to see banksters in orange jumpsuits doing the perp walk.

Back to Obama:

[OBAMA:] The attorney general himself [fancy!] will be travelling to Ferguson on Wednesday to meet with the FBI agents and DOJ personnel conducting the federal criminal investigation and he will receive an update from them on their progress.

That's ludicrous. Holder's the guy who didn't prosecute one single bankster for foreclosure fraud, after they crashed the entire economy, and then perpetrated the largest upward transfer of wealth in world history. Holder's going to Ferguson to put a lid on the situation any way he can. Justice will be a secondary consideration, even if he does throw Wilson under the bus.

And presumably, people in Ferguson won't fall for Obama's scam, or Holder's scam, just as they didn't fall for Johnson's scam. After all, it's the content of their character that matters....

UPDATE Oh, and in Ferguson, Obama thinks they "simply holler." Well, I'd be hollering too if a kid got whacked by the cops, and then got left in the street, in the summer sun, uncovered, for hours. So would you, I hope.

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So Obama gets his consistency points for maintaining his trademark viscous smarminess and princely condescension to his menial and meaningless subjects.

Well, to be fair, it's not like the "folks" of Ferguson are likely to be shovling cash his way to help out with his Preznetial Liberry. So they be just "folks" who "holler" - and mess up his vacay on the Vineyard with all their hollerin'.


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No, no, no! In this case I meant what I wrote! But "vicious" was an unpardonable omission, so it's going in, inserted before or after "viscous."

"Oleagenous" is also an excellent synonym for "viscous."

Just hollerin' over here, being that i'm a "folk" and such.

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"Hey Mr. Preznit, what about me? I can't get a job (and I has a lotta education) and my 401K disappeared in the GFC, and I can't afford ACA insurance and I been payin' taxes for 35 years, and rent, electric and phone just keep getting more expensive every month and I'm going to be homeless in 3 months if something doesn't give and I'm at the end of my rope. Can you hear me, Mr. Preznit? I sure could use one of those low interest loans them banks got - just $100,000 would be fine for now. If I can't pay it back by next year you can just roll it over. Ya hear me, Mr. Preznit?"

[Example of "just hollerin' over here"]