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Ferguson cops denied nurse who wanted to give Brown CPR

Jesus Christ!

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I will remind you of the amazing statistics regarding how FEW lives CPR actually saves.


But I'll definitely grant that it may have made sense to give him a chance....although what it means in most cases is a trip to the ICU where your family can say goodbye to your BHC (beating heart cadaver).

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This is a rather more "poignant," shall we say, article.


And not to mention the fact that CPR was designed for people who have heart attack type emergencies that cause cardiac arrest. Those are primarily the cases where it leads to recovery. Those whose hearts stop due to trauma can rarely be saved.

Anyway, I know this is beside the point. But I'm just pointing out that this may not have been as much a missed opportunity as is implied. And I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the cops knew so.